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Agreeing to develop a road map to achieve peace in Yemen

Measures to ceasefire, improve living conditions, and prepare for broader engagement for peace in Yemen.

جهود  السلام في اليمن
Peace efforts in Yemen

The parties to the Yemen conflict have agreed on a series of actions to achieve a statewide ceasefire, improve living conditions in Yemen, and participate in the preparations for the resumption of a comprehensive political process. Under the auspices of the United Nations, the UN Special Envoy to Yemen will engage with the parties to build a road map to enhance these accords.

The roadmap will include a Yemen-wide truce, the payment of all public sector salaries, the resumption of oil exports, the opening of roads in Taiz and other parts of Yemen, and the relaxation of restrictions on Sanaa Airport and Hodeidah Port. The proposal will also establish mechanisms for execution and set the groundwork for a Yemeni-led political process under the auspices of the United Nations.

Special Envoy Grundberg thanked the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Sultanate of Oman for their critical contributions in bringing the parties to this point. He urged all sides to exercise the utmost restraint at this critical juncture in order to foster a conducive environment for negotiations and effectively reach a roadmap agreement.


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