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Capacity building in Yemen: a basic necessity to empower society

Capacity building provides community members with essential tools to identify problems that affect their lives and find innovative solutions through collective action.

بناء القدارات في اليمن: برنامج للتدريب على بناء المراحيض في تعز. مصدر الصورة: المشروع الطارئ لتعزيز الحماية الاجتماعية والتصدي لجائحة كورونا.
Capacity building in Yemen: A training program on building latrines in Taiz. Image source: The emergency project to enhance social protection and respond to the Corona pandemic.

Yemen's war has irreversibly hampered the country's ability to develop its socioeconomic capabilities. A considerable retreat from development goals is an instinctual response in almost all conflict-torn countries.

Dedevelopment is caused by a number of interconnected and very important factors: First, conflict causes massive destruction and infrastructure damage, making it difficult for governments to sustain critical systems for advancement such as transportation networks, energy networks, and communication channels. As a result, valuable resources that could have been used to enhance social institutions are instead diverted to reconstruction operations.

Furthermore, wars exacerbate social and economic inequality by increasing poverty and diverting financial resources away from education and public health, two critical foundations of supporting societal growth. Only 52% of Yemen's health system is fully operational, and millions of school-age children are absent.

Finally, but not always, the psychological toll of war pervades societies burdened by traumatic stressors such as individual mental health struggles as well as collective despair over lost lives and livelihoods; these factors invariably impede the country's capacity-building potential on multiple levels. According to reports, Yemen continues to suffer from disease issues, including infectious and chronic diseases. The most serious of these are diseases related to mental health, the services of which have not improved significantly in comparison to health programs.

Building capacity in Yemen is critical for lifting disadvantaged regions and putting them on the path to achieving sustainable development and social progress. We provide individuals with the opportunity to break free from the cycle of poverty by equipping them with knowledge, skills, and resources. Building capacity in Yemen necessitates a continuous and well-planned local, regional, and international effort.

Capacity building equips community members with the tools they need to identify problems in their lives and devise inventive solutions through collective action. It allows children to take control of their own growth and improves their ability to confront new problems on their own.

Empowerment begins at the grassroots level, with training programs, mentorship initiatives, vocational education offers, and access to financial services tailored to the requirements of underserved areas. As a result, these individuals develop a feeling of dignity as they gain new confidence in defining their own destinies. As a result, empowered communities become more robust to external shocks such as economic crises or natural disasters, while also positively contributing to societal prosperity by utilizing their entrepreneurship and innovation potential.


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