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Poor funding and global food shortages are exacerbating the humanitarian crisis in Yemen

Worldwide food shortages and rising prices exacerbate the humanitarian crisis in Yemen; Many deprived families face difficulty in obtaining food.

الأزمة الإنسانية في اليمن
The humanitarian crisis in Yemen

Yemen's humanitarian crisis is one of the world's most catastrophic, with an estimated 21.6 million people in need of humanitarian help or protection by 2023. A substantial financing gap has compounded the humanitarian calamity, which is principally the result of prolonged conflict and economic collapse. According to the OCHA report, global inflation and accessibility.

Furthermore, global food shortages and increased costs in Yemen have compounded the problem; many impoverished households are having trouble procuring food. The 2023 Humanitarian Response Plan, which requested $4.34 billion to assist 17.3 million people, had only gotten 37.5 percent financing by the end of October, forcing aid organizations to reduce or eliminate key assistance services.

Despite the challenges, relief agencies continued to offer life-saving aid. As of October 31, 2023, 216 humanitarian organizations were still providing monthly help to an estimated 8.6 million individuals. While the number of people reached with assistance per group remained low, partners continued to support millions of people, with 7.8 million people receiving food assistance each month, about 1 million receiving water, sanitation, and hygiene services, and over 400,000 receiving health care. Food assistance was provided to about 530,000 persons.


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