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Aden and Taiz, security problems and how they can be addressed

#Taiz and #Aden are among the most populous governorates, and conflict and the proliferation of weapons have caused the emergence of many phenomena that threaten citizens every day.
المن في تعز وعدن

The continuous conflict in Yemen has resulted in a loss of security in Taiz and Aden, resulting in significant everyday suffering for residents of these cities, including theft, assaults, and violence. According to a recent survey conducted in both the governorates of Aden and Taiz.

Acts of violence and attacks on public and private property, sexual assaults, the spread of hashish and drugs, the expansion of small guns, and other phenomena that worry inhabitants and risk their security have increased in Taiz governorate, for example.

With regard to Aden, the report stated that with the suffering of the local administration institutions, the inhabitants of Aden had nowhere to turn to for remedies.

According to a report released by the British Saferworld group, tackling security issues in Aden and Taiz will necessitate numerous measures, including supporting and increasing the role of civil society through a variety of mechanisms, including active participation in decision-making and governance. and restoring the population's trust in the government through a variety of means, including the elimination of corruption and the improvement of the legal system.

The research also emphasized the necessity of teamwork in resolving disputes over land and resources, as well as giving the essential knowledge and tools to assist in resolving disputes within communities. It also advocated for increased security monitoring, such as increasing the number of surveillance cameras in public places and assuring the enforcement of laws barring the sale and carrying of guns.

The report also urged international organizations to focus their programs and responses on early recovery and to involve all sections of society at all stages of initiatives.


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