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The United Nations: the possibility of an outbreak of violence in Yemen is increasing

High levels of risk in #Yemen are mostly driven by the escalation of conflict and increasing vulnerabilities
العنف في اليمن
violence in Yemen

Yemen's risks are so high that the possibility of violence erupting in the country grows. This is according to a nationwide risk analysis published in Yemen by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia.

According to the report, Yemen's high levels of risk are primarily caused by conflict escalation, increased institutional vulnerabilities, and a decline in resilience (the country's ability to absorb the negative effects of risks). Yemen's situation is deteriorating due to the escalation of economic and social risks.

The growing number of internally displaced people in Yemen is the primary indicator of conflict risk. Furthermore, the escalation of the conflict and the proliferation of small arms contribute to the exacerbation of the conflict risk.

Water stress is one of the primary drivers of climatic risks. In Yemen, 18 million people lack access to safe drinking water. Extreme weather events have also contributed to an increase in displacement.

Food insecurity continues to be a major source of concern in the development trajectory. The main drivers of development risks in Yemen are economic decline and income inequality.


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