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About Yemen Watcher

Yemen Watcher is a Yemeni non-governmental organization that advocates for and implements cultural topics and projects related to issues of sustainable development. We believe that culture is a reliable means of addressing Yemen's pressing social, economic, and environmental challenges. We also believe in the importance of the role that the media and think tanks can play in achieving sustainable development through advocacy and objectively and credibly spreading awareness.

We strive to provide insightful insights, smart analyses, and topics and news that are rich, fact-based, and solution-oriented. To build a more equitable, prosperous, just, and inclusive society, our coverage focuses on interconnected issues such as poverty, hunger, climate change, inequality, education, and health. We also encourage international cooperation and synergy to share knowledge, resources, and best practices, and we strongly support the collaborative efforts of governments, businesses, civil society, and individuals to achieve a better future for all.

We pay special attention to local culture because it can play an important role in development. We believe that local culture is inextricably linked to sustainable development because it promotes knowledge enrichment, community participation, sustainable livelihoods, environmental stewardship, and social justice. Sustainable development efforts can achieve greater long-term relevance, effectiveness, and impact, including social cohesion, stability, and peace, by leveraging and respecting local cultures.

Yemen Watcher was founded in 2022, was officially registered as a non-governmental organization in 2023, and aspires to be a reliable and informed source for Yemen's various cultural and development affairs.

The mission

Yemen Watcher programs seek to promote sustainable development by preserving, enhancing, and integrating diverse cultures, empowering communities to thrive in harmony with the environment, and championing cultural and development themes and issues.

Basic principles

Sustainability: Integrating environmentally conscious practices into all aspects of our activities.
Inclusivity: Celebrating and preserving diverse cultural heritage.

Community Empowerment: Collaborating with and supporting local communities to create positive change.

Partnerships and Collaboration

Local pros and experts.
Non-governmental organizations and organizations that promote sustainability.

Sponsoring organizations.

Collaboration on joint initiatives and projects, attracting sponsors committed to sustainability and cultural diversity, and forming alliances for online and offline events, workshops, and training courses are all examples of partnership and cooperation.


Community participation

Implementing community awareness campaigns that directly benefit local communities. This includes reporting on development, humanitarian, and cultural news, as well as proposing solutions and providing consultations and advocacy. In addition to education and skill development, we encourage and implement infrastructure improvement projects, as well as cultural, humanitarian, and development projects and interventions. We also prioritize the use of online platforms to increase access and participation, as well as the use of social media to build and educate communities.

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