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Arts in Yemen can help children heal the psychological pain of conflict

#USAID funds a project to use art as a means of healing from the effects of the conflict in #Yemen

التعليم و الفنون في اليمن
فصل دراسي في اليمن. سيف ذا تشلدرن

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is financing the Yemen Gateway to Education project, which aims to provide thousands of Yemeni children with access to education and healing through art.

Save the Children is implementing the Yemen Education Gateway project in collaboration with Creativity International. Although there is no separate curriculum for the arts in Yemeni schools, they are highly valued. Yemen has a diverse range of arts that are practiced on a daily and special occasion basis, particularly poetry, dancing, singing, and religious muwashahat.

The project funds non-formal education centers that give children flexible and accelerated learning programs, as well as therapeutic sessions through the arts in which children can express their feelings and emotions through painting, sculpture, acting, singing, and dancing.

According to a brain study, the arts boost mental health. Art practice can help you develop the ability to control your mental and emotional well-being.

Basic requirements, psychologically supportive surroundings, educational and vocational possibilities, and other resources that promote optimal psychosocial development and mental health are frequently denied to children in armed conflict. Warfare and military assault against children might thus be deemed a violation of their fundamental human rights. From a developmental and psychological standpoint, it can result in long-term impairments in health, well-being, and growth potential.

However, this does not imply that releasing children's potential and mending them emotionally through the arts is just the responsibility of the education sector; the family can also play an important role in this by supporting and assisting children in participating in the arts.


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