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Challenges that hinder sustainable development in Yemen

Yemen: A challenging journey towards the sustainable development goals


  • Ongoing conflicts represent a major obstacle to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals in Yemen, hindering the provision of basic services and exacerbating poverty and hunger.

  • Yemen suffers from high rates of unemployment and inflation, which limit job opportunities, burden Yemenis with the cost of living, and hinder investment in a sustainable economy.

  • Yemen suffers from water scarcity, shortages, and increasing pollution, threatening health and hindering sustainable development efforts in agriculture and the environment.


We all aspire to see a better Yemen, a place where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. This is the idea behind the Sustainable Development Goals, a global roadmap for improving the lives of people and the planet. But Yemen's path towards achieving these goals is like a bumpy road full of obstacles.

There is no doubt that the biggest obstacle is the ongoing crisis. Fighting and instability have made it extremely difficult to provide basic needs such as healthcare, education, and adequate food for all. Imagine trying to build a school while the bombs are falling!

Money is another concern. High unemployment rates and insane inflation make it difficult for Yemenis to find good jobs and afford life's necessities. This makes it difficult to invest in a healthy economy and create a future where people can provide for themselves.

Water is also a critical issue. There is not enough water, and what is there is often not suitable. This not only makes people sick but also harms efforts to build clean cities and take care of the environment.

Speaking of the environment, Yemen is fighting desertification (the land turning into desert) and the accumulation of waste everywhere. This makes it difficult to combat climate change and build sustainable cities.

Politics also plays a role. Fighting and instability make it difficult to get anything done, including important sustainable development projects. It's like trying to fix a car in the middle of a hurricane!

Above all, there are not enough hospitals, schools, or roads. This makes it more difficult to improve health care, education, and access to necessities.

How do we fix this bumpy road? It takes everyone working together – Yemenis, international organizations, and anyone who cares about a better future. We need strong partnerships, invest in key areas such as water and jobs, and focus on helping the most vulnerable people.

For those working in the field of sustainable development, it is essential to talk about policies that target the specific challenges Yemen faces. We need new ideas and plans that include everyone, not just a select few. By working together, we can turn this bumpy road into a smooth highway toward a brighter future for Yemen.




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