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The Melodies of Beautiful Time Festival: A celebration of Hadrami heritage in a modern style

The Melodies of Beautiful Time festival A mixture of heritage and the present that revives the spirit of Hadrami culture

A snapshot of the The Melodies of Beautiful Time festival stage. Image source: social media


  • The Melodies of Beautiful Time festival (Alhan Alzamn Al-Jameel) is a unique event held in the city of Tarim, Hadhramaut Governorate. It celebrates the region's rich musical heritage with a modern twist.

  • The festival features a variety of traditional Hadrami musical pieces, creatively blended with Western melodies.

  • More than just entertainment, the Beautiful Melodies of Time serves as a model for cultural development. It aims to promote and ensure the long-term survival of Hadrami and Yemeni cultural heritage.


The city of Tarim in Hadhramaut Governorate recently hosted a unique music festival celebrating the region's rich musical heritage with a modern twist. This first-of-its-kind event, presented by the Hadhramaut Culture Foundation in partnership with the Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC), serves as a model for cultural development efforts aimed at sustaining Yemen's, and particularly Hadhramaut's, cultural heritage.

The "Melodies of Beautiful Time" festival coincided with the fifth day of Eid al-Fitr in 2024, adding a special touch to the festivities. The renowned musician Mahmoud al-Hindi presented a diverse selection of five musical pieces from the Hadrami tradition, ranging from religious chanting to "Bani Maghra" and "Khawaib." These traditional melodies were creatively blended with Western music, creating a unique and elegant soundscape.

Mahmoud al-Hindi, a distinguished Yemeni musician, has extensive experience working in the music industry. For many years, he has contributed to numerous television channels and music projects, producing or co-producing various audio identities for programs, celebrations, and concerts.

In a special statement, musician Mahmoud al-Hindi indicated that the project aims to create an opportunity for communication between musicians and the exchange of experiences. It is also an opportunity to teach the present generation their authentic heritage, document it, and re-create it to ensure its continuity, transmission, and appreciation.

The "Melodies of Beautiful Time" transcends a typical music festival, acting as a model for cultural development that Yemen greatly needs. The festival's purpose extended beyond simply reviving melodies. It aimed to emphasize the role and power of poetry, showcase traditional musical instruments, and display customary clothing.

This festival embodies the holistic concept of cultural development, which strives to promote and develop various aspects of a society's culture, encompassing art, literature, beliefs, customs, and traditions. It also seeks to foster a positive environment that encourages cultural participation, constructive dialogue, and an increase in both awareness and creativity among community members.

Cultural development is crucial due to its far-reaching positive impacts. It strengthens national identity and fosters a sense of belonging, while simultaneously stimulating cultural diversity and social integration. Furthermore, cultural development contributes to the development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills within individuals, ultimately improving their productivity and contribution to economic growth.

Investing in cultural development is essential for the future of any society. It fosters the creation of educated and informed communities, capable of confronting challenges and achieving progress.




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