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Threats that the needs of children in Yemen will not be met in 2024

More than 11 million children in #Yemen need humanitarian assistance and protection,  and the lack of funding will put the lives and well-being of children at risk.

الأطفال في اليمن
Children in Yemen

In Yemen, more than 11 million children need safety and humanitarian aid. UNICEF estimates that to address the humanitarian crisis in Yemen and providing for the needs of children and families in 2024, it will require $142 million. The continuity of services will be threatened by irregular funding for urgent measures. putting children's lives and well-being in peril at home. Several additional reports suggested that there was an impending polio outbreak in Yemen.

UNICEF's humanitarian strategy in Yemen integrates initiatives along the humanitarian and development nexus with direct life-saving help to create an efficient plan to meet immediate needs.

The continued fragility of the Yemeni economy in 2023—which has taken the form of currency devaluation, macroeconomic instability, declining purchasing power, and the de facto division of economic institutions between competing factions—has increased the vulnerability of low-income families and communities, according to a recent UNICEF report. Yemenis are particularly susceptible to the effects of climate change since they frequently experience droughts and floods, which present additional risks and could worsen the country's already dire famine situation.

The humanitarian situation in Yemen has made women and children more susceptible to abuse, exploitation, and violence. As a result, there has been a rise in sexual exploitation, child labor, child marriage, gender-based violence, military recruitment, and disruptions to schooling. For instance, Yemen documented more than 1,500 instances of crimes against minors in 2022.


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