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Health in Yemen: World Bank Project Brings Hope Amidst Conflict

Community health worker in Saadah. Photo: UNICEF


  • The World Bank-supported Emergency Human Capital Project (EHCP) in Yemen has delivered health, nutrition, and water services to over 11 million Yemenis between 2021 and 2023.

  • The project focuses on women and girls, reaching nearly 6 million with essential services.

  • By strengthening healthcare systems and empowering communities, the EHCP is building resilience for a healthier future in Yemen.


Millions of Yemenis have seen a glimmer of hope in the face of a devastating conflict, thanks to a World Bank-supported project. The Emergency Human Capital Project (EHCP) has delivered essential health, nutrition, and water services to over 11 million people, with a focus on women and girls, between 2021 and 2023.

Yemen's healthcare system has been ravaged by nearly a decade of conflict. Almost 20 million people require urgent medical attention, malnutrition is rampant, and waterborne diseases pose a constant threat. Only half of health facilities are functional, and access to clean water and sanitation is a luxury for many.

The EHCP tackles these challenges head-on through a multi-sectoral approach. It partners with UNICEF, WHO, and UNOPS to deliver essential services at all levels of care, from community clinics to hospitals. The project also invests in strengthening health systems by training personnel, improving data collection, and establishing early warning systems for disease outbreaks.

The project's impact is undeniable. Over 11 million people, including nearly 6 million women and girls, have received health and nutrition services. More than 921,000 people now have access to improved water and sanitation.

The EHCP goes beyond immediate needs. It strengthens local institutions and empowers communities to better respond to future crises. By training healthcare workers and investing in renewable energy for health facilities, the project aims to create a more sustainable future for Yemen's health system.

The EHCP's success story is far from over. The project plans to reach 19 million people, strengthen essential health services, improve disaster preparedness, and expand access to clean water for an additional two million people. By bridging the gap between humanitarian aid and long-term development, the EHCP is helping Yemenis build resilience and hope for a healthier future.


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