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Mental health in Yemen needs fundamental improvements

Despite the slight improvement in health care services in general, the mental health sector in #Yemen is still neglected.
الصحة النفسية في اليمن
Mental health in Yemen

Yemen remains one of the countries grappling with disease outbreaks, both infectious and chronic. According to the World Health Organization and the Yemeni Ministry of Public Health and Population's National Strategy for Mental Health in Yemen, 2022-2026, the most serious of these are diseases related to mental health, the services of which have not improved significantly in comparison to other health programs.

According to the survey, the prevalence rates of mental diseases vary by type: depression accounts for 25% of common psychological disorders, anxiety accounts for 25%, schizoaffective disorder accounts for 18%, post-traumatic stress disorder accounts for 45%, and phobic disorder accounts for 4%. According to the survey, the overall number of human cadres working in mental health services was only 319 persons per 100,000 people. The report also identified numerous other areas of weakness in the field of mental health, such as a lack of infrastructure in the form of health facilities, clinical capability, and so on.

It is worth noting that Yemen's health sector has seen modest improvements in various areas, including strengthening primary healthcare interventions and increasing access to community care, in addition to facility-based services through the operation of more health units, centers, and hospitals. This has resulted in an increase in the number of beds, medical staff, and certified health workers. However, there is still an urgent need for additional fundamental advances.


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