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Qol Dan: Safeguarding Hadrami Cultural Identity through Podcast Training in Yemen

A creative initiative to promote intangible heritage and encourage young people to engage in cultural fields

Trainees in the podcast course in Seiyoun, Hadramaut. Photo: Seiyoun Creative Hub


  • The Seiyoun Creative Hub organized a training program to raise capabilities in the field of safeguarding intangible cultural heritage, specializing in the art of the Hadrami Dan. The program included a course to train participants in podcast-making skills; and aims to use the podcast as a tool to spread awareness about the art of dan and safeguard it. It is a unique program of its kind in Hadramaut and Yemen. It motivates young people to engage in cultural fields and creative industries.


The Seiyoun Creative Hub, located in Yemen's eastern Hadramaut Governorate, implemented a training program to build capacity in safeguarding intangible cultural heritage. This program focused on the Hadrami art of Dan, aiming to produce podcast episodes as a tool for its preservation.

The Hadrami Dan is a cornerstone of cultural identity for the people of Hadramaut. Widely practiced and interconnected with other art forms, it holds immense significance.

This training initiative, titled "Qol Dan," falls under the Yemen Paths Grant Program offered by the Hadhramaut Culture Foundation. The foundation has a history of safeguarding Dan and other arts, including creating an inventory of intangible cultural heritage elements in Yemen. Notably, this inventory included a detailed list of Dan gatherings in Hadramaut.

The "Qol Dan" program was led by Mr. Muneer Bin Waber and Mr. Moataz Shaddad. The program offered two tracks: Safeguarding Al-Dan and Podcast Production.

Mr. Bin Waber, drawing on his experience in international relations and content writing, led the Safeguarding Al-Dan track. The training covered the 2003 UNESCO Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage and its guidelines, along with the Hadhramaut Foundation's experience in applying this convention to protect Dan.

Mr. Shaddad, leveraging his expertise as a radio program preparer, presenter, podcaster ("Ideas" podcast), and voiceover commentator, led the Podcast Production track, delving into the basics, mechanisms, and techniques of podcasting.

"Qol Dan" stands out as a unique training program in Hadramaut and Yemen. It aims to empower young people with skills in safeguarding intangible cultural heritage, motivating them to engage in cultural fields and creative industries.

The program aligns with the activities of the Seiyoun Creative Hub - Wasm. Wasm fosters a vibrant cultural and artistic environment, offering advanced tools and training courses to nurture creative talent.

The Seiyoun Creative Hub strives to equip young people with creative tools across various fields. It aims to develop and market creative ideas, celebrate popular arts, and enhance cultural capabilities overall.

The creative industry, particularly the arts and culture sector, is gaining significant recognition. It enriches individual lives, revitalizes societies, fosters self-expression, and promotes cultural exchange and understanding. For instance, the arts provide a platform for creative expression, while culture fosters a deeper appreciation of history and traditions, strengthening a sense of belonging and identity. This connection was a core theme during the training, highlighting Dan's profound link to Hadrami identity, culture, and history.


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