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Why is it important to involve the community in sustainable development in Yemen?

Yemen's conflict has shifted the emphasis away from appropriate planning and execution of sustainable development.

التنمية المستدامة في اليمن تتطلب مشاركة المجتمع. مصدر الصورة UNDP
Sustainable development in Yemen requires community participation. Image source UNDP

Sustainable development plans are critical for the long-term well-being of current and future generations, and the conflict in Yemen has shifted the focus away from proper planning and implementation of sustainable development. As a result, emphasizing the importance of stimulating this aspect of development is critical, taking into account the importance of community participation.

Active community participation is required to ensure the successful implementation and long-term effects of Yemen's sustainable development. Local community involvement with decision-makers, non-governmental organizations, and local authorities can provide vital insights into local needs, desires, and interests. This holistic approach not only improves openness but also develops a sense of ownership among community members and instills shared responsibility for accomplishing the SDGs.

Community participation also enables for improved identification and utilization of local resources. Adopting sustainable practices frequently entails utilizing renewable energy sources or encouraging green initiatives that are appropriate to the region's potential resources, such as wind energy in coastal areas or solar energy in dry regions. Residents' active participation also provides essential knowledge about these underutilized resources, knowledge that can improve the success and efficacy of sustainability strategies.

Furthermore, by involving local communities, effective issue-solving is facilitated through collective intelligence and various views. Residents are intimately familiar with the existing difficulties in their communities, whether they are related to infrastructure development, waste management systems, or conservation activities aimed at adjacent biodiversity hotspots. Solutions that solve these difficulties efficiently while also considering social justice can be developed through open communication among stakeholders.

Meaningful community engagement raises individual awareness of sustainable practices, which eventually leads to their widespread adoption throughout society over time; thus, it deserves special attention to strengthen and develop social cohesion in Yemen sustainably.


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