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Migration through Yemen: More than 64 African migrants to Yemen are missing

In the third quarter of 2023, it is anticipated that 15,227 African migrants reached #Yemen via the south.
انقاذ المهاجرين في طريق الهجرة عبر اليمن
A rescue group on the migration route through Yemen

According to the International Organization for Migration, more than 64 individuals are missing and presumed dead after their ship sank off the coast of Yemen on Sunday, November 12.

The boat was transporting 90 African migrants on one of the frequent excursions between the Horn of Africa and Yemen, a migration route that has been active for decades. Overloading, engine failure, and severe monsoon winds were blamed for the sinking.

According to reports, at least 795 individuals died on the trip between Yemen and Saudi Arabia of the 867 deaths registered on the Horn of Africa-Yemen crossing by the IOM's Missing Migrants Project in 2022.

"This tragedy highlights the urgent need for global cooperation in creating safer migration pathways," said Matt Hooper, interim director of the United Nations mission in Yemen. said, "We urge our partners to cooperate closely with the International Organization for Migration to enhance support for migrants in Yemen, address the root causes behind their decision to embark on these dangerous journeys, and work collectively for safer and more humane support for migrants."

In the third quarter of 2023, it is expected that 15,227 migrants entered Yemen from the south. This figure shows a considerable reduction from the previous quarter. According to the International Organization for Migration, the considerable decrease seen since August is most likely due to the current combined military action conducted to combat smuggling and defend the coast of Lahj, a province known to receive the highest proportion of migrants. The campaign entailed sending personnel, conducting raids, and establishing checkpoints.

2022 has been designated as the deadliest year for migrants in the Middle East and North Africa, with passage through Yemen serving as one of the primary mortality zones for migrants from the Horn of Africa. According to an International Organization for Migration study from March 2023, the protection situation for migrants in Yemen remains extremely severe, particularly for women and girls who are routinely mistreated, resulting in a substantial number of incidents of gender-based violence requiring help.

Yemen, strategically placed on the Arabian Peninsula, acts as a main transit country for migrants from the Horn of Africa, particularly Ethiopians seeking work in Saudi Arabia or other Gulf countries. Migration routes across Yemen are separated into two primary routes in the southern portion of Yemen: the southeastern route towards the governorates of Shabwa, Hadramaut, and Al-Mahra, and the northeastern route toward the governorates of Lahj and Taiz. Every year, a substantial number of migrants traverse both routes.


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