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Violence against children in Yemen: 1596 violations in 2022

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

#Security_Council: More than 100 #children were recruited and used in #Yemen during the year 2022.
الصراع يزيد العنف ضد الأطفال في اليمن

According to the most recent Security Council report on children and armed conflict, which covers 2022, the UN recorded 1,596 severe breaches against 637 children in Yemen. Grave violations included child recruitment by various armed organizations, child death and maiming, sexual violence, attacks and military occupation of schools and hospitals, and child abduction.

One of the consequences of Yemen's armed war is the possibility of violence against children. During emergencies and violent situations, children are especially exposed to abuse, exploitation, and trafficking. With child abuse on the rise, criminals are rarely held accountable. Yemen is on the list of the ten worst conflict-affected nations for children in 2021.

According to the Security Council report, more than 100 children were recruited and employed in Yemen in 2022, with the majority of them being utilized by the Houthis. In addition, 544 children were murdered, with one of the reasons being an exchange of fire, and scores of children were crippled for a variety of reasons, including incidents with explosive remnants of war. According to a new Save the Children study, the number of child victims of landmines and explosives climbed eightfold between 2018 and 2022.

The Security Council report also detailed scores of attacks on schools and hospitals in Yemen by various parties to the conflict in 2022. Dozens of schools and hospitals were also converted to military usage. Humanitarian law outlaws the use of violence, assassination, and retaliation against innocent targets such as schools. Without discrimination, attacks on military targets and civilian objects are illegal. The destruction and expropriation of civilian property that is not justified by military necessity is a serious violation of the Geneva Conventions.

According to reports, the signing of the armistice in Yemen in 2022 resulted in a 40% drop in violations. The Security Council assessment, however, emphasizes that monitoring and verifying severe violations remains extremely difficult, resulting in under-reporting of such violations.


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